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Are you a new to radio writing? Or maybe its news writing you are new to.  Radio script writing is completely different from new scripts, so I get what you mean by being new to it. The flow of writing is and the lovely writing gets completely cut off in news, hoe to do it? Here are some tips we have come up with to help you out.

  • Don’t write the script as if it is a police report, yes you may have gotten the news from the police station and you may have actually taken this news from the police records, but you cannot read it on radio likewise, you need to make it sound like you are saying to a friend but with less exaggerations. Short communication is actually more powerful, and it gives more meaning to what you write than a long sentence.


  • Make sure to write it in a listener friendly way such that you give prominence to what has happened more than who did it. For example look at the following lines, “the city council met last night and voted to double the tax on oil” and “your tax on oil will be doubled as of tomorrow following the council meeting met yesterday”. What do you think gives the affect more loudly? The first yeah?


  • Don’t go thinking nicer words and try to make it sound cliché, it’s okay to write using common words. It will give the needed message to the people properly as well. Sometimes these words you put thinking to spice things up turns out to not give the proper message out. So you may want to be careful.

  • Think carefully on redundancies; there is no ATM machine. It shows that you haven’t realized that the “M” in ATM stands for machine. Likewise, there are so many other words that go like that. So think before you write such words.


  • On both TV and radio, news gets broadcasted, and our audience hear our stories at the same time. So it is important to make the news sound new and current. While you are writing this news report in present tense, it is also important that you add phrases like “at this moment” to emphasize it.


  • Be your own editor, not every studio has the facility to have someone else read your script and check it for you. Once you are done writing a report, go through it again from top to bottom thoroughly, double check every word and make it accurate as possible. Never read it on air before you do this.


Well, hope these tips gave you how to create a good script.

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