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Getting together the community is pretty hard these day. People are too busy with their work and family that they don’t exactly find a proper time for community work anymore.  But of course, with the right ideas and tips you can actually make a way for community engagement.

  • First of all, community activities should be made fun and exciting. You need to make the people excited and get people to involve in making their city/ town a better place. Come up with fun ideas like talent shows and carnivals along with the community. Get their ideas as well, to have them involved.


  • Even if the event that is going to be held is going to be pretty boring, you need to make sure that it doesn’t sound that way. For example, if you are planning on having something like a risk assessment, I suggest you turn it around and make it into something fun so that not only do people get the actual advice but they also remember as they actually enjoyed learning it.


  • If you want to get the people around bog local areas to get involved in such community engagement, I suggest you go out and meet them instead of asking them to come. You could maybe get the city tour bus or have a health bus driving around the area and meet the people, talk to them and get their opinions.


  • I don’t know if you would agree, but it is believed that children actually come up with the best ideas. So it is important to have the children in your local area involve in such engagements as well. Get their ideas, so that they know that they are valued as well. Many schools have student councils, so why not organize activities inside school and have them engaging?

  • Community engagement is always about understand what members want and acting towards it. So don’t always go for what the majority wants, you will always find a response even if you are trying to make one person’s life better.


  • With all the work you are doing, you may feel like at a certain point that the involvement of the people has increased with time with all the stuff you are doing. And more the people there is, you may try to widen the amount of work you do. This may be too risky and pretty difficult. The people of involving has increased because of the work you did up till today, so I suggest you continue it without trying to do something that may not be possible.


Well, that’s about it. Hope these tips show you that you can get your community engaging in activities if you do it the right way.


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