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Every person in this world has either undergone or is undergoing some sort of problem in their life. These problems can be of any type such as a physical problem, a mental problem or even a materialistic problem, for example it can be something as small as losing the keys to one’s car or else something as big as suffering from a severe disorder.

Mental Problems and Some Causes

When considering mental problems, there is a very large number of people suffering from them. This is because there are so many types of things that can affect one’s mind. The brain is very complex and involves all the thinking and doing of our body, therefore when the brain get affected it affects the daily functions of a person. Mental illness can be of many different types and can occur due to several scenarios. Sometimes when a person undergoes a loss of someone dear to them or of something dear to them it can lead to the occurrence the person getting affected by it. Mental illness does not necessarily have to be something huge, such as a person getting mentally affected due to child abuse which may lead to them to becoming serial killers or psychopaths once they grow older, but it can also be something such as stress and anxiety due to some sort of occurrence in a person’s life.

Genetic or Acquired

Some mental illnesses can be genetically inherited such as schizophrenia and obsessive compulsive disorder whereas the others are acquired due to some experience such as being bullied at a young age or being traumatised by certain events, for example post-traumatic stress disorder. Traumas can be of many types such as witnessing or experiencing all kinds of abuse, accidents, loss of loved ones, suffering from an illness, destruction of property and also relationship issues.

Curing and Treatment

The first step in treating a person who is suffering from a mental problem is to find out the cause of the problem. The treatment solely depends on the type of illness that the individual is suffering from. In some cases, such as stress and anxiety the best option would be to meet a psychologist or a counsellor in order to talk about the problem and how to overcome it. One such example would be counselling singapore. Some of the mental problems may require medication and in that case it would be ideal to meet a psychiatrist. An example of such a condition would be schizophrenia where the person has the tendency to hallucinate a lot.

Preventing Mental Distress

Everyone has all sorts of problems and the best way to prevent an occurrence of a mental condition due to any sort of issue or experience would be to talk out your feelings with someone you trust such as a friend or sibling. The other ways of preventing the risk would also be to grow up in an environment where exposure to traumatic events such as killings and abuse should be avoided. If a person undergoes a traumatic experience then necessary action should be taken at an early stage to prevent the onset of any mental disorder. Such are some of the ways to avoid any mental disorders.

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