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If you have noticed, men do not choose every woman to be in a relationship with. Just like women they have their reasons for choosing one woman over the others. When you do not know what kind of a quality the man is looking for, you can make mistakes and lose him even when you like him a lot.

This means if you want to stay in a relationship you should have an idea about the male psychology about love. This will help you to know what kind of qualities are going to attract the attention of men when they are selecting a woman to build a relationship with.

The Emotional Experience a Woman Offers

The main reason for a man to choose to start a relationship with a woman and then maintain that relationship is the emotional experience that woman offers. It is not something you can define as this is the emotional experience a man seeks. The emotional experience for one man can be different from the other. For example, one man could be looking for a woman who listens to him and helps him to achieve his goals by always staying by his side. Another man could be looking for a woman who is good at making decisions on her own and building their life together. When a man feels the woman is not giving that emotional experience he wants to have he will pull away.


Though not a huge factor the looks of a woman plays a role in attracting a man. This is again something quite subjective. Some men can like petite women. Some men can like women who are extremely slim. There are different yardsticks when it comes to the looks for the woman.


Age is going to play a role too. Some men are attracted to women who are a lot younger than them. Some seek companionship from women older than them. Some like those who are at a closer age to them.

Social Status

You will also see men considering the social status of the woman they want to be in a relationship with. If they want to climb the social ladder they might be looking for a woman in a higher class.

While facts such as looks, age and social status will have their share in deciding what kind of a woman a man wants to have in his life, the emotional experience the woman offers is always going to be the most important quality he is going to look for.

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